Barranco de Fataga

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Viewpoint over the Barranco

Many tourists staying in Playa del Inglès never see the magnificent landscapes of Gran Canaria. Yet they don't have to go very far: the Barranco de Fataga, which starts immediately after the city limits, is a wonderful sight.

From an outlook-place, made for the people who do have a look beyond the beach, you can see the dry mountains around Fataga and San Bartolomé. The villages itself are real oases with fruittrees, palms, grapes (some of the wine of Gran Canaria comes from this area!) and lots of flowers.

Bloody tourists (Leon's parents)

A mountain

People who love driving roads with hairpins, can enjoy themselves here.


Coming from Playa del Inglès, you pass Mundo Aborigen, a place where the history of the Guanches, the original inhabitants of the Canaries, is told. Just a little further along the road at Arteara, where no one will find it (but not hidden), lies a Guanches-cemetery. The graves are marked with large piles of rock, which are buried under more rocks (with even more rocks on top). But it is recognizable from other piles of rocks, because there is a fence around it. One of our walks went across this area, so we were happy to find openings in the fence.

Guanchen cemetery

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