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Some 50,000 years ago, a large part of El Hierro broke of the island and fell into the sea. The gap, called El Golfo, is since then filled with sediments, leaving a flat, sandy area surrounded by steep mountains. Frontera is built on the this sediments. The place is ideal for agriculture. Especially pine-apples seem to grow here very well, but there are also many vineyards.

This church in Frontera is world-famous in all of El Hierro. It is portrayed on lots of postcards. Only when you come close, you find out it is only the clock tower. The church itself is built at the foot of the hill.

World famous church

Church on a hill

The beach


Today we have an easy walk from our hotel close to this church, through agricultural land towards the sea, and back again. Yes, an easy day. No long strenuous climbs today.

Dinosaur cookies

In the supermarket we bought dinosaur cookies. We think they're cool !!!

Tocuching the ground in front of you

No strenuous climbs ? On the way back to the hotel, the paths are sometimes so steep that you can easily touch the ground in front of you.

No wonder the local old women walk as if they have pain everywhere. After a few days on El Hierro, we feel just the same.

Old woman


The hotel has a little swimming pool on the roof. We don't go for a swim, we think it's too cold for that. After all, this is February (and the water is not heated).

Swimming pool

This is how the church looks from the swimming pool.

The church, seen from the roof of our hotel

Booze !

In the evening, we have dinner in a place called Don Din Dos. Here they serve really good food. After dinner, the owner wants us to try all sorts of strange liquors. Very, very drunk we try to find our hotel again.

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