South of Fuencaliente

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Fuencaliente is the most southern village of La Palma. A little more to the south, at the coast, you can see the old and the new lighthouse.


Helicopter platform

Here is also one of the small, blacksand beaches. Swimming here is for really ethousiastic people only, the waves are pretty high.


The main source of income are the bananas. The land south of Fuencaliente is filled with banana-plantages, all surrounded with walls and sometimes covered with plastic to protect the bananas against the wind.
The small bananas the Palmeras eat themselves, can stand the wind, but the large (and less tasteful) bananas the Europeans eat, have to be protected. It feels like driving between the glasshouses of Holland.

More bananas

They had reason to put here a sign 'watch out, falling rocks' !

Watch out

White line

At some places, we saw a white line painted over the mountain. We don't know the reason, but the line is certainly very straight. We just wonder, was the car parked here when they started the painting?

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