Chipude - Garajonay

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Near Chipude you can find this remarkable mountain, La Fortaleza. As it lies as the only peak in the surrounding hills, you can see it from far away. With 1,250 meters it is one of the higher peaks of La Gomera. 

La Fortaleza is a remarkable mountain

Map for day 5

Day 5.
Chipude, Igualero, Garajonay, Los Manantiales, Chipude
Time: 4 hours
Distance: 14 km
Ascent: 450 m
Descent: 450 m

They say it's easy to climb La Fortaleza

According to the books you can climb the top of La Fortaleza rather easily. Even the last bit should be easy. From this close it's still hard to believe that.

Looks a bit like Ireland

No, our pictures from Ireland didn't get mixed up with those of La Gomera. There are lots of places on the island where only an occasional palm tree (and the temperature) reminds you that you are on the Canary Islands.

Garajonay is the name of the highest peak, 1,487 meters, and of the National Park. The park is named after a Romeo and Juliet type of story, where the two lovers are called Gara and Jonay.

Fortaleza from the distance

An unexpected stream

Gara is a macho-type from Tenerife, who came swimming to La Gomera. There he falls in love with Jonay. Jonay's parents get angry and they chase the lovers to the top of the highest mountain. From there, the lovers jump into the sea and the story ends.

On the top of the mountain you have a great view (when the sky is clear). Most people arriving at the top eat their lunch there. The cats take advantage and try to get something as well.

Cat at the top of Garajonay

Yellow flowers

From the top of the Garajonay there is an easy path back to Chipude. At first, there are many flowers alongside the path, very colourful. Later, we walk among abandoned vineyards (not so colourful). When we're almost back at Chipude, it starts to look like Ireland again. You know: 40 shades of green.

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