Valle Gran Rey

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The view from our hotel

Valle Gran Rey, the Valley of the Great King, is actually not one town, but several small villages near to each other. One of them is La Calera, where we stayed a few days. This is the view from our hotel. 

La Calera is just a small village

This is La Calera: a couple of houses and restaurants on the mountainside. No big concrete hotels as you can find on the more touristy islands Tenerife and Gran Canaria. The streets between the houses are too small for cars, and the steps in the street offer enough problems for baby-carriages. 

Eating outside in January

Eating outside in January: one of the reasons to visit the Islas Canarias. In La Calera there are few restaurants where you can eat inside. Because it can be a bit chilly, it's not a bad idea to bring a warm sweater.

The church of Lomo de Balo

View from Mirador César Manrique

The valley is cramped between two mountainsides. The little church on the picture above is situated in the upper hairpin curve on the picture on the left. 

We made the picture on the left from the Mirador César Manrique, named after the famous artist from Lanzarote. This viewpoint has a lot in common with the Mirador del Rio on Lanzarote or the Mirador de la Peña on El Hierro.

La Playa

Valley Gran Rey also has a beach, called La Playa (right, meaning: the Beach). The waves of the Atlantic Ocean are pretty big (and cold) this time of year, so swimming is only for die-hards. 

Little boats in La Vuelta

There also is a harbor, La Vuelta (which does not mean: the Harbor, but the Turn). Here the problem is solved how to reach all those boats that lie in the middle of the water: you use a small boat.
The problem solved

Lots of boats in the harbour

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