The rest of the island

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The South coast

Our main goal is the Faro de Orchilla. This is a very famous lighthouse, because it used to be the 0-meridian, until the British moved it to Greenwich.

Orchilla lighthouse

Yesterday we had our last day of walking on El Hierro. Today we have to leave again. As our ferry to Tenerife won't leave until 18:00, we have plenty of time to rent a car and drive to all the places on the island we missed.

Especially on the South of the island there are lots of places we haven't seen yet.

Ancient meridians ?

Our GPS doesn't care about ancient meridians: 18o 08' 854.

Close to the lighthouse we see lots of fishermen at work. They're too far away to get a good idea how they're fishing method works. We'll understand when we see the enlarged photographs.

OK, on the right you can see one of those enlarged photographs. Can you see what exactly they are doing ??


Next, we drive around the island. We stop in Sabinosa for coffee at the bar, drive through Frontera and up the mountain to the Cruz de los Reyes. The sheep on the road act like they own the road and refuse to let us pass. What's that car doing here ?

Sheep that refuse to stand aside

Camino de Jinama is closed on this side too

At the Mirador de Jinama we check if the camino is closed on this side too. Yes, it is. We walk the path for a short while, but we can't see the landslide. It must be further away.

At the Mirador de la Peña

Next, the Mirador de la Peña. This Mirador is at located a lower level. Here we're below the clouds so we can actually see anything.

At this Mirador there's also one of those César Manrique restaurants, built into the rocks. Just like we've seen on Lanzarote and La Gomera.

This one's a wonderful place to eat; but not if you're the only guests.

View from the Mirador de la Peña

Roque Bonanza

Instead, we have lunch in Valverde. One of the most lively places for lunch is Bar Los Reyes. And today's menu costs only 6 euro's (including a starter, main course, drink and coffee).

After lunch, we do some shopping and drive through the one-lane tunnel to the Parador Nacional. For El Hierro standards, the beach near the Roque Bonanza is crowded with tourists: in just half an hour we see 7 rental cars stopping here for taking pictures.

Then it's almost time to go to the ferry terminal. Goodbye El Hierro, hello Tenerife.

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