César Manrique

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Typical Manrique wind art

A painting on the wall

As we already described, César Manrique had quite an influence on Lanzarote. He made rules for the housing of tourists (hotels may not be higher than a palmtree) and so on. Cesar himself created some remarkable places, like a viewpoint over a nearby island, a cactus garden, a nightclub in the tunnel of a volcano and more.

The seventies

He made a house for himself in a couple of lavabubbles. At first everybody declared him crazy, but soon his house became so popular, that Manrique couldn't live there anymore without being troubled by tourists.

A large man, or a small door ?

Art by Cesas Manrique

He moved to a normal house in Haría, and the volcanohouse became the Manrique-foundation. You can pay it a visit, have a look in livingrooms in seventies-style (which is completely up-to-date in style again) and the swimming pool between the lavafields. Upstairs, above the ground, there are exhibitions of modern art.
Funny is the place just outside, where you can protest against the damage tourists do to environment. In other words, you can protest against yourself being here.

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