Mirador del Rio

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La Graciosa and the Salinas del Rio

Behind La Graciosa you can see even more islands. These uninhabited islands are called Montaña Clara, Roque del Oeste en La Alegranza. The Salinas del Rio have nice rose and orange colors. Funny, those saltpans.

From de Mirador del Rio, in the North of Lanzarote, you can have a look at tiny La Graciosa Island. Because it's so small, the sea between Lanzarote and La Graciosa is called El Rio (the river).


As almost all touristic attractions on Lanzarote, the Mirador was designed by César Manrique. You can have a look from behind the windows, or you can go outside to the balcony. We found out the railing round the balcony is there to protect you from being blown off by the wind. Even though the altitude is only 497 meters, it can be as windy as hell.


Arty lamp


The Mirador was built on the same place where, in the 16th Century, there used to be a lookout-tower. You know, one of those towers the Spaniards have built nearly anywhere.

You can have a beautiful walk here, starting from the nearby place Ye, and climbing down to the beach and the saltpans. The discription said not to try this when it was wet, and since we had a lot of rain that night we can't speak for ourselves. The alternative, starting from Famara, takes some avoiding of falling stones and a very long walk (and back again).

If you are afraid of heights, you'll probably want to stay inside. That isn't too bad. Inside the mirador there is a bar where you can have a coffee and look at some thingies designed by César Manrique, like this lamp for instance. Arty, isn't it?

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