Camino San Salvador

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The plan for today was to walk the Camino de Jinama, from Frontera to the Mirador de Jinama and the Mirador de la Peņa. When we started out from Frontera, an old farmer tried to warn us. Too bad, we didn't understand him. Not because our Spanish is lousy, it's just not good enough to make sense of a guy with only three teeth.

The next local we met still had all her teeth, and she told us a few days ago there had been a landslide, causing a substantial part of the path to collapse. That had to be true, for at the beginning of the Camino we found this sign. Danger ! Danger !

Closed. Danger !

Comino San Salvador

So we had a look at the map to see if there were any alternatives. A few kilometers West of the Camino de Jinama is the Camino de San Salvador, which looked promising. OK, so let's try this San Salvador path. And let's not go to the Mirador de la Peņa (too far !), let's go to San Andrčs.

One small disadvantage: instead of a climb of 1000 meters, we now had to do even more climbing, over 1100 meters. Well, in the past few days we've had enough practice. So what the hell, let's go.

Hitch hiker

The forest is swarming with these little moths. Some of them are hitch hiking and land on us as if we are some sort of moth-transport.

A climb of 1100 meter is quite long. Soon after we start, we can see the Frontera church far below us. Well, that's just the beginning, we have to get a lot higher.

Frontera church down below

Up, up, up !

Ermita San Salvador

A little bit of erosion

Of course, when we get at a certain height, we reach the level where the clouds are. From there, no more great views. Close to the Malpaso we reach the Ermita de San Salvador. Mirjam looks through the window, to see the little statue of the saint. Aha, this looks like a bit of water erosion. And it's almost one meter deep.
After reaching the highest point of today's walk, the rest is an easy walk to San Andrčs

An easy walk to San Andres

Ireland again ?

This landscape definitely reminds us of Ireland again.

In San Andrčs we will be picked up by a taxi (cell phones are very useful). The taxi will come in half an hour, so we still have enough time to go to one of the bars. Mirjam is hungry and asks for soup.

Sorry, the barman answers, they don't have soup. However, they do have something called garbonzas, which she might want to try. Well, it definitively looks like soup to me ...

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