The Kerry Way

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A map of the Kerry Way

The Kerry Way is one of many marked walking trails of Ireland. When you cheat a little like we did (luggage-transfer, and sometimes some miles by car), you can walk back to Killarney in 9 days. The total distance of the Way is 234 km. Because we cheated and because a little rain on the last day (see below), we only made 200.

The trail shows you some of the boggiest parts of Ireland. Due to the two months of rain before we started out (and some of it on the way, as well), sometimes we had trouble to make out the road and the river.

Boots are essential

A stile to cross a fence

At several places stiles are made to help you cross the fences. Large parts of the trails cross private property, but the owners (if you meet them) greet you most kindly with a "Lovely day". When it rains, they probably stay inside, so we never figured out how they greet when it is raining cats and dogs.

People who are afraid of livestock (sheep, cows, occasionally accompanied by a bull) should not walk here, because they do.


Though you don't have to cross big mountains, 300 meters up can be pretty tiring. Of course, the trail then goes down for 150 meter, after which you climb back to 350

There are more people walking here

Mia found a marker post


The way is marked with several types of markers, but mostly this timber post-type. Sometimes a marker post is missing, or there is just a yellow dot on a rock. Thanks to the great descriptions of SouthWest Walks [email them] we nevertheless managed to find our B&B every day. This colourful city is Waterville, where there is more water (and beach) than 'ville'.

Through the forest

Looking down upon Cahirciveen

Great sights, beautiful trails, and a lot of time and space.

A lake and some hills beyond

Some days are tougher than others, but every one of them is a day to remember (though it may be pretty hard to determine where exactly all the green landscape-pictures were made).

Another stile, another fence to cross

This river is liable to flooding

It can get a little wet

After a lot of rain the streams can be higher than usual. When you are sure you are standing on the bridge and it looks like this, you can better decide to turn back and accompany your luggage to the next B&B.

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