Cliffs of Moher

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Warning sign

The cliffs

Impressive and dangerous, the cliffs of Moher. The highest point is 204 meters, and they go down vertically.

On the rocks below you can see white specks, the birds that nest there. At several places are binoculars, so you have a change to see the Puffins, Razorbills, Gannets and Kittiwakes (if the bloody things work after you've put your money in).

A wall of limestone

.This is very dangerous

The rock consists of layers of shale and sandstone. And every now and then a piece of the cliff falls off and disappears in the ocean down below.

So if there is one place where you shouldn't stand….

Adventurous old ladies

But a wall is made to climb over, isn't it? And there are plenty of tourists here, so we don't bother about one more or less.

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