Delfzijl - Appingedam

Walking in Groningen. Day 3: Termunterzijl to Appingedam, 18 km. Map.

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A handy monument

The route from Termunterzijl to Delfzijl leads over the dike along the Dollard. This dike is raised (again) not too long ago, this time to ‘Delta-height’, the height necessary to withstand a flood like the one in 1953.

This monument is placed on the dike, at the location where the church of Oterdum used to stand. Because of the raise of the dike, the church (one of the very few in the Netherlands placed on the dike), had to be moved. The graves on the graveyard around the church were allowed to remain there, the gravestones were replaced onto the new dike, above their old location.

A few years later, the village of Oterdum itself was moved, to make room for the industrial area of Delfzijl.

Delfzijl makes most of its money through the industry. Over water you can easily reach Germany, Groningen city and the North Sea and then the rest of the world.


Thingy on legs

However, this doesn't mean there isn't anything interesting to see in Delfzijl. For example, this ‘thingy’ on legs is a hotel, just outside of the dike, in the sea.

Mirjam on a bridge

Hanging kitchens

Appingedam is located just inland from Delfzijl. It is a sweet town, with a lot of water and bridges. On the picture above you can see the hanging kitchens, which are supposed to be famous. The houses used to be warehouses, and when people started to live in them, they decided to make the kitchen above the water to spare room.

To three thy shall count

You can see the kitchens also from the other bridge. The number doesn’t change: there were three of them in the past, there are three of them now and there will always be three of them in the future. Nothing you can do about that.

The entrance to the church used to be a courthouse and an office for lawyers. Must be handy, to get free advertising every Sunday.

Entrance to the church

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