Panorama 2000 Utrecht

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The tower

The Dom-tower in Utrecht, the highest church tower in the Netherlands and over 100 meters high, is an ideal place for art. So now there is Panorama 2000 (yes, in 1999 !!): art that can be seen only from the tower.


In and around the tower are objects from a lots of artists. The lookout at 100 meters high can be reached by elevator, you have to walk to the lookouts at 25, 40 and 70 m. By stairs, you see more pieces, ánd in changing perspective from different heights. This sparrow for example, gets smaller until it reaches its ‘real’ size.

These pictures show only few of the art around the tower. Works like the bells every visitor gets, and the images made by a camera tied to a dove are hard to catch in a picture.

It’s a pity the organization thought the same: there are no postcards or t-shirts of the art-works, neither is there a catalogue with pictures of the finished works (only work-sketches). Our only souvenirs are our own pictures and the bells we received.

A very large surfer

Two Chinese men hanging from a building

Some of the art is close to the tower, other pieces can be seen at quite a distance. And most of them can't be seen from the ground, only from the tower.

A UFO has landed in Utrecht

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