Kanal Ostrodzko-Elblaski

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Rails ?

A thingy in the water

At five places, the channel between Ostroda and Elblag ends at the foot of a hill. Some wheels and rails suggest there might be a way to cross these hills, with your boat, that is.

Both in the channel above and below, there is a carrier, connected with each other by a steel cable. You sail your boat into the carrier, rings a bell and wait for the 'lockswoman' to get the system working.

The system is powered by the water from the channel, which is rerouted through the mechanism. And then the wheels start to turn, the carrier from above is going downward and the other one is pulled over the hill to the higher part of the channel.

Carrier (empty)

Carrier (with a boat)

And then you can proceed to the next 'lock', until you are raised in total one hundred meters. Ingeniously and already working for about a hundred years!!!

If you like sailing and you want to give this canal a try by yourself, you might want to know that there is a camping in Elblag where you can rent boats. We forgot the name, so if you want to do this, you'll need to make some further investigations.

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