Malbork Castle

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Yes, it's a castle

The moat

One of the five gates in a row

The crusaders of the German Order made in Poland the biggest castle of Europe: Malbork (Marienburg). It is built complete out of bricks. At first, this looks strange, but you get used to it soon. Actually, most buildings in Poland are built of bricks, probably because of a lack of natural stones.

The knights didn't like to get wet

Your arm's off. No, it's not.

In Poland, the crusaders had to keep themselves busy during long winters. In the Middle-East this was easier: no winters and lots of enemies. Here, they apparently killed time by making nice details and decorations for their castle.

Splendid view from across the river

Situated along the Nogat, the castle offers a splendid view.

Some castle decorations

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