The Gamle By in Århus

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Dressed up in old costumes

The Gamle By (the Old Town) is a Danish open air museum. The 70 houses in this museum were brought here from all over Denmark. Every building is open for the public.

Inside you will find a bakery, a saddlery, a bookbinder, and so on. There's even a functioning windmill.

Sometimes there are people walking around in old costumes.

The timber framing looks real, but in many cases it is just painted upon the houses. But you have to be a very close observer to see this. We only saw it because they were repainting one of the houses.

The timber framing is painted upon the houses.

If you're thirsty

If you are thirsty, you can drink a bit of water from this fountain. Or you can go to the café, where (if you're lucky) a jazzband is playing. Have a beer, eat a Danish sausage (pølse), listen to the music and enjoy.

Reflections of the Gamle By

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