Modern art in Herning

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The main attractions of Herning are the Herning art gallery and the Pedersen-museum. Both are located about 3 km east of Herning.

The Herning art gallery displays a collection of modern art, made by a number of artist.

The Pedersen-museum displays the work of the COBRA-painters Carl Henning Pedersen and his wife Else Alfelt.

The inside ring

One of the buildings of the Herning Art Gallery is round with a lawn on the inside. The inside wall has been painted by Carl Pedersen.

A round building with a lawn in the middle

I am ART


When we were in the Herning Art Gallery, there was a temporary exhibition of the work of the Italian artist Piero Manzoni.

Manzoni has made some not-very-serious things, like cylinders containing a roll of paper with a line painted on it, varying in length from 6 to 1140 meters and cans with the label "real artist shit" (probably his own). Also his "paintings" are very abstract: we discovered one of his works was displayed upside-down.

But, our favorite is this socle with the text "I am ART". If you stand on it, you are a REAL Manzoni artwork.

Cheese !

Four heavy metal bastards

Also the outside of the Gallery you can see some art. There is a sculpture-garden where you can see this piece of cheese and these little statues. There are made of metal, except the second on the left.

If you have visited both the Pedersen museum and the Herning Art Gallery and you think you haven't seen enough, don't worry. Herning has even more to offer: the Herning museum has a collection of 57 diorama's with the theme "a year at Jens Nielsen's farm". The Herningsholm mansion has 46 pictures displaying "a day in September on Jens Nielsen's farm". If you don't care about Jens Nielsen or his farm, see the Danish Museum of Photography or the beautiful Japanese garden.

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