North Jylland

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The north of Jylland is quite different from the south. While the south has moors and marshes, the north is dominated by sand.

The Tilsandede Kirke

In the dunes near Skagen you will find this strange building. It is the top part of a church, the rest of it is buried beneath the sand. It is called the Tilsandede Kirke.

Most of it is under the sand

Our Dutch guidebook told us the church was lost to the quicksand (drijfzand), but we think this should have been driftsand (stuifzand). Driftsand can be expected in dunes, quicksand is the stuff in swamps. For a while we thought the original text of the book was Danish and the Danish word for driftsand is kviksand. From Kenneth and Claus we learned this is not the case, kviksand is quicksand and driftsand is flyvesand.

The world in miniature

In Klejtrup near Hobro you can go around the world in 15 minutes. Here a strange man has made a map of the world.

Did you ever wish to climb the Himalayas, cross the Sahara or follow the Amazon river ? You can do it all here, in a few minutes.

Every foot in another sea

Where the Kattegat and the Skagerrak meet, you can stand with every foot in a different sea. This is very popular with the Danes, you have to wait until it's your turn.

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