South Jylland

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Jylland (or Jutland) is the part of Denmark that is connected to the European mainland.

The south of Jylland is mainly farmland, but it has lots of surprises like this marshy area near Åbenrå.

A piece of nature in Åbenrå

The Koldinghus, a mixture of old and new

The castle of Kolding, the Koldinghus, was burnt down in 1808. Spanish soldiers from the army of Napoleon didn't like the cold Scandinavian winters and were a little bit too enthusiastic with fire.

In recent years the Koldinghus has been renovated. For this renovation a mixture of both old and modern materials was used. At first this looks very strange, but when you get used to it you will discover remarkable combinations. The staircase on the picture however is ugly, and stays ugly even if you get used to the rest of the Koldinghus.

Stairway to heaven

Ribe is the oldest city of Denmark. It was an important place of commerce for the Vikings in the 9th century. Until about 1600 the city flourished as Denmarks most important harbour. When the river choked with sand the trade-routes changed and the city's importance dwindled.

Ribe's harbour

Today Ribe is only a small town, but a very pleasant one.

Smells fishy

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