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Probably the world's best known statue: the little mermaid from the story by Hans Christian Andersen. Unfortunately, the statue is a disappointment for most visitors because the little mermaid is indeed a little mermaid. But it is not the only statue in København. In fact, there are lots of them.

In the middle is a statue of a dragon-like creature (and a Mirjam behind it, or was it the other way around); on the right you see two of the four pillars in front of the Amalienborg palace. The Amalienborg is the home of the Danish royal family.

The little mermaid

Two monsters

The BORG ?

Where are my sunglasses ?

If you want to come close to this building, you definitely need sunglasses.

Tuborg brewery

The best way to enjoy a Danish beer is a visit to one of the breweries; we went to Tuborg.

No visit to København is compete without a visit to the Tivoli amusement park.

Besides a ride in a rollercoaster you can enjoy one of the stage shows or just walk in the beautiful garden.

Tivoli is at it's best in the evening. At Wednesdays there are fireworks.


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