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In Legoland near Billund everything is made of Lego bricks. The part of Legoland we like best is Miniland, a journey through Europe .. and millions of Lego bricks.


Because this is a website about Scandinavia, we decided to show you a few pictures of Scandinavian sights in Miniland. For example, the harbour or Bergen in Norway.


This is the Amalienborg palace in København.


The wellknown Nyhavn in København.

Where have I seen these two before ?

Besides Miniland there is a lot more to see in Legoland. Check out Legoredo town, a Wild West playground with cowboys, indians, gold diggers, bandits and a sheriff. Or, take a closer look on the wildlife of Africa from the cars of the Lego Safari. In Pirateland you might find some treasure, but beware of the pirates and the crocodiles.

Indoors you can enjoy the Lego World show, where you have the first opportunity to see the exciting promotion displays that will be in the toystores next year.

Are these the famous Knights who say Ni ?

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