Norwegian Landscapes

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Snowy mountaintops and the Geiranger Fjord

Fjords and steep mountains are the best known landscapes of Norway. The best way to enjoy the fords is by boat. That is easy enough: when you travel through the country, eventually you can't avoid taking a ferry.

Silent waters run deep

If you only have a short time to see the Norwegian landscapes, we recommend a daytrip from Bergen, the first part by train (including the spectacular ride from Myrdal to Flåm), the second part by boat and the last part by bus.

The hairpins of the Trollstigen

The "Trollstigen" is a steep road with a lot of hairpins, all along one side of the mountain. On the road you pass a waterfall, the "Stigfossen". The picture on the right shows the beauty of this giant carwash.

The Stigfossen is a giant carwash

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