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Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. Almost everybody here owns a boat, which isn't really strange with al the water in this area.

Does everybody in Stockholm have a boat ?

A postcard with a view from the air

Whether the big threemaster in this picture is the real Wasa or a replica, will be explained to you by the guides of the Wasamuseum.

The original ship went right to the bottom after its launch, because of miscalculations at the building of the ship.

Stockholm also has a beautiful example of the national hobby: open air museums. The one in Stockholm is called Skansen and offers a lot of typical Swedish houses and farms. Several people in Skansen were dressed in old costumes.

A special attraction next to Skansen is the zoo, where they have monkeys as small as your thumb.

Almost sunset

On the other side of the bridge


An attraction of Stockholm we didn't make a picture of, are the 25 MacDonald's. Who prefers French fries after a tour through the town, has no need to worry here.

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