Tiveden National park

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Sweden has over 25 National Parks. The Tiveden is one of the smaller parks, 1350 ha. The park was established in 1983 for the purpose to allow the Tiveden to develop into virgin forest. The forests in the Tiveden are one of the rare areas in Sweden that has not been influenced by large scale forestry.

An easy way to go up

Don't walk on the grass

In total there are 25 kilometers of marked walking-trails in the Tiveden. Distances are 2, 5, 9 or 15 kilometer.

To preserve the fragile topsoil, the path leads you over rocky surfaces whenever possible.

One of the 31 lakes

Because there are 31 lakes in the Tiveden, it's not very surprising if you encounter one of them, or two, or three.

The main reason for us to go to the Tiveden instead of one of the other National Parks was that one of our guidebooks said there should be rocks with 10 meters of moss grown on it. Wow, 10 meters of moss, that's impressive .. and impossible.

What can be seen in the Tiveden are rocks as high as 10 meters, with moss grown on it.

Rocks with 10 meters of moss ?

These rocks are called Stenkälla

Resting after a long walk

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