Konye Urgench

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Turabeg Khanym mausoleum

So when Timur completely destroyed the city, he saved the mausoleums ? Yeah right.

In the north of Turkmenistan lies Konye Urgench. Nowadays there are only a few mausoleums and other buildings left over a vast area, but it used to be a metropolitan. The city was destroyed first by Genghiz Khan, and a few centuries later Timur 'Lenk' again. Timur really did a thorough job, he transformed the place in grain fields after destroying it. Fortunately, some mausoleums were left standing.

Turabeg Khanym mausoleum

The Turabeg Khanym mausoleum is one of the most beautiful mausoleums in Konye Urgench. The decorations and paintings in the roof represent the days, months and seasons of the year.

Calendar roof

Men with fur hats

Pigeon The Gutlug Timur minaret on the right is very high, 63 meters. It was also used as a lighthouse, so caravans could find their way in the desert.

Gutlug Timur minaret

Sultan Tekesh mausoleum

Ladders to reach heaven

It is very strange to see stairs everywhere coming from the ground. According to an ancient belief, the souls of the dead can find their way to heaven with the stairs more easy this way .

In the centre of the modern city of Konye Urgench a few more mausoleums are found. As the others are mostly interesting from historical view, these are visited by pilgrims.

Two mausoleums

Pilgrim touching the wall The Nejameddin Kubra mausoleum (the left one on the picture above) is the most holy of the mausoleums in Konye Urgench. The tomb is said to have healing properties, and you can see many pilgrims touching the walls and pray.

The mausoleum on the right is the Sultan Ali mausoleum. It was never finished and has no decorations. And receives fewer pilgrims.

The famous library of Konye Urgench was probably located at the hill called Kirk Mullah (40 mullahs). This is a popular place for women who want to get pregnant. They come here to roll from the hill, which is not a pretty sight. We can think of better ways to become pregnant.

Some kind of watchtower

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