Just like one of those bungalow parks

Sirinše is a small town, not far from Efeze. This town has Greek ancestry, what (of course) you don't notice at all. What you do notice, is that this town is famous for its wine production. When walking through the streets of Sirinše, you see many wine houses where you can taste the many sorts of wine they make here.

One warning however: if you're a true judge of wine, you'll probably think wine should be made from grapes. So, don't try the wines of Sirinše by blind choice. Here they also make wine of cherries, prunes, and all other kinds of fruits. And possibly even potatoes.

Another old man

Buying oranges

If you're not interesting in wine made from anything but grapes, or not interested in wine at all, there's enough to see in this town. Especially when you're a photographer. You could spend hours and hours taking photographs of characteristic old men, people in the streets, picturesque old houses, etcetera, etcetera.
More old men

There are lots and lots of those guys

You can also visit the mosque, which is quite nice. Strangely enough, the mosque was completely empty (except for a few tourists). Next to the mosque we found the reason why: everyone was watching the soccer match on the TV in the cafÚ.


Watching the soccer match on TV

Young people

What I liked the most about Sirinše was the combination of the old traditional Turkey with new, modern things. The old women on the market form a strange contrast with the young boys and girls tasting the wines in the wine houses. Or the old man in the street with his donkey, followed by another man in a large SUV.

Posing for the camera