To London by bike

Part 3 - From Romford to Harwich

Our route in
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Day 6 Romford Braintree 90 km
Day 7 Braintree Harwich 79 km
Day 8 Harwich Hoek van Holland 1 km


Another reason for Stansted is the castle and toy museum they have here. The castle is really great, with a lot of animals walking around giving it an authentic look. And the village that is part of the castle and the castle itself are filled with dolls, so you can easy imagine how it looked like.

We have two days left, and in a direct route from London to Harwich we won't need much over one day. So we decide to visit another airport: Stansted. We had already been very close to Heathrow and London City, so on our airfields-trip this one is next.

Is this Eddie again?

Too small

You can even try some helmets on, just like in the toy museum, where you can test a Darth Vader mask. The toy museum is filled to the brim with toys of TV series and films like Doctor Who and Star Wars and toys like Barbies, cars, bears, dolls, trains, Lego, Meccano, mechanical machines and so on. There must be thousands and thousands of toys here.

The Black Knight always triumphs

You will be EXTERMINATED !!!

Rain rain rain rain

Can't get lost

After a night in Braintree (we didn't see any special trees, though), we got on our bikes for the last day. In Colchester we visited the biggest Norman castle of Europe. We liked the exhibition and the gardens, even though we had - again - some heavy showers.

 Harwich lighthouses

Nice weather at last


Finally we got back in Harwich. We still had some time before we could board, so we visited the fort.

And we found out that everybody should do that, it is really great. There are interesting exhibitions in several of the rooms, and in others there is stuff for a garage sale (or fort sale) for which you can negotiate the price and pay at the ticket desk.

Fire, fire
Inside the fort

Maritime museum (closed)

Although we still had enough time to visit the Maritime museum as well, we found that was closed. So we took a picture of the outside and went to find a restaurant for our last meal on English ground, before taking the night boat back home.