The Tower of London

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The castle within the City of London itself is called the Tower. It has a rich history, with many bloody details like the beheading of two of the wives of Henry VIII. The city board uses those details to lure the people to visit the Tower.

The Tower

Apart from all the bloody details, you  really should see the ravens and the crown jewels. The ravens are important: as long there are ravens at the Tower, Britain will be an monarchy. The few ravens left have a great life: they are fed with delicious raven-food, the downside is that their wings are clipped to prevent them from flying away.
We weren't impressed with the crown jewels. Most of the stones are so big that you can't believe they are anything but colored glass. And even if they are real, they are too pompous to be beautiful, they are just expensive. But you won't believe this unless you have seen them.

What to see

It's time to see the crown jewels

Tower walls

Around the Tower is a castle-moat, only without water. It makes it still much harder for enemies to come to the castle. The walls show the Tower was really made for defense.

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